Aalia Rasheed Biography

Famous Pakistani sports journalist and anchor Aalia Rasheed was born in (will update soon). Discover information about Aalia Rasheed’s age, husband, net worth, weight, height, career, family, and more. Find out all of Aalia Rasheed’s notable accomplishments and achievements.

Aalia Rasheed Biography

Date of Birth (update soon)
Age (update soon)
Birth Place (update soon)
Residence (update soon)
Country Pakistan
Profession Sports Journalist, Anchor
Education Journalism
Father (update soon)
Mother (update soon)
Nationality Pakistani
Siblings (update soon)
Brother (update soon)
Religion Islam
Spouse (update soon)
Horoscope (update soon)
Weight 65 KG
Height 5 feet, 6 inches
Net Worth (update soon)
Category Anchors


Who is  Aalia Rasheed

Aalia Rasheed is a rare sight on Pakistan’s television screens thanks to her wide and in-depth knowledge of cricket and other sports, her forthright yet gracious questions, comments, and responses, as well as her perfect Urdu. In addition to shattering the concrete ceiling of a male-dominated industry, Aalia, Pakistan’s first multi-media female sports journalist, she carved a broad skylight for future generations of women who want to work as sports reporters, analysts, and anchors.

Aalia Rasheed Biography

Aalia’s journey is long, exciting, committed, and focused, with never a dull moment. There are no shortcuts, no overnight mega success, and no abrupt and unfair advancements. It is most crucially motivating. The body of work by Aalia is strong and undeniably impressive: Author of a biography on squash legend Jehangir Khan; sports anchor on PTV; commentary for many national games; interviews with national and international cricketers and athletes from other sports; cricket reporter and feature writer for renowned Urdu cricket magazine Akhbar-e-Watan; culture and sports reporter for The News, Lahore; covered numerous world cup and test matches, as well as tennis tournaments;

In addition to producing and directing two documentaries about Shahid Afridi and Misbah-ul-Haq, she was working as an assistant director for seasoned directors Syed Noor, Nazrul Islam, Javed Fazl, and Ayub Khawar, and producing a 2009 documentary about Swat under Taliban rule. At Geo News, Aalia also analyzes cricket.

Aalia began her work as a sports journalist when women’s participation in sports was uncommon and stigmatized by society. She took part in several radio programs from Karachi during her time as a sports journalist. She also covered numerous national and international cricket, hockey, squash, and tennis matches and competitions during her journalism career.

She had to deal with a lot of pressure and obstacles because sports journalism is a male-dominated sector and our society was not ready to accept a woman in that position. She expressed the opinion that in this business if a man makes a mistake, people don’t notice it, but if a female journalist makes the same error, people would doubt her knowledge and abilities in an interview when she was discussing the difficulties she had in her job.

Aalia Rasheed, a sports journalist: My relationship with cricket has a psychological underpinning. My sister and I had to stay behind since we couldn’t get visas when my parents travelled to the United States. She was five and I was seven. At that point, I began accompanying my chacha [paternal uncle] to watch cricket matches and to hear cricket commentary at home. That helped me forget about the agony of losing my parents. Being empathetic as a child—as I still am—cricket gave me a lot of emotional support.

Aalia Rasheed Biography

Aalia Rasheed Published Magazine

Aalia contributed to the Karachi-based sports publications Cricketer and Akhbar-E-Watan. She also launched her magazine called “All Rounder” in the late 1980s.

Won National Awards

She conducted sports shows on national television for the first time as a female anchor in 1990 and was recognized nationally for her outstanding work.

Aalia covered the Hockey World Cup live from PTV center Lahore for 14 days straight in 1990 as a lone presenter.

Aalia Rasheed Published Books

Aalia has published books about both the accomplishments of Jahangir Khan, a squash legend, and Imran Khan.

Aalia Rasheed as Best Director

She oversaw numerous plays. Karvat, Talash, Chaap, Khwaab Se Khwaab Tak, Chau kat, Bichdeyeinge Ab Kaise, Baji, and many more are just a few of the plays. Aalia was also given a prize once for being the finest director. In Pakistan, her drama “Baji” was televised the night before Women’s Day. She is pretty active in the area right now as well. The Captain Calm documentary, which Aalia Rasheed also directed, is about Pakistani cricketer Misbah-ul-Haq.

Senior journalist Alia Rasheed questioned Sikandar Bakht during a recent Geo Super TV program about the performance of the Pakistani team in the ongoing test series with England as to why he was still praising Sarfaraz Ahmed’s performance when he was not on the team and should instead be praising Muhammad Rizwan, who was doing well in both batting and wicket keeping during this series. She recommended that Sikandar Bakht be truthful in his appraisal.

Sikandar Bakht became enraged in response and, rather than praising Muhammad Rizwan for his performance, criticized Aalia Rasheed, claiming that since she hadn’t participated in a Test match, she shouldn’t challenge his judgment. He added, “Whoever has never held a bat and hasn’t worn pads should not teach us footwork.”

Aalia Rasheed Biography

According to Aalia Rasheed, if she isn’t working effectively, why does Geo TV management invite her? Sikandar Bakht hasn’t worked as a journalist either, not even for a single day, she continued, but that doesn’t preclude him from speaking on a television program.

We believe that Aalia Rasheed is on the right track with her opinions and that Sikandar Bakht should be sincere in his analysis, refrain from lobbying, and refrain from attacking a woman personally in favor of politely handling criticism.


What is the age of Aalia Rasheed?

Aalia Rasheed’s age, birth date, horoscope, place of birth, nationality as a Pakistani, and place of residence will all be updated soon.

What is the Profession of Aalia Rasheed?

Aalia Rasheed is a sports anchor and journalist from Pakistan.

Who is Aalia Rasheed’s husband?

The name of Aalia Rasheed’s husband or spouse will be updated soon.

Who is Aalia Rasheed’s Parents?

The father and mother of Aalia Rasheed are both to be updated shortly.

Who is Aalia Rasheed’s siblings?

The names of Aalia Rasheed’s siblings will be updated soon.

What is the net worth of Aalia Rasheed?

Net worth for Aalia Rasheed is (to update soon).

What is Aalia Rasheed’s education?

Aalia Rasheed studied journalism in college.

What is the height and weight of Aalia Rasheed?

Aalia Rasheed is 65 KG and 5 feet 6 inches tall.

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