Ankita Dave Biography

Ankita Dave was born on June 3, 1993, in Rajkot, India. She is a well-known Indian actress, model, and social media influencer. Discover Ankita Dave’s age, her husband’s net worth, her height and weight, her work, her family, and more. Learn about Ankita Dave’s major successes and accomplishments.

Ankita Dave Biography

Date of Birth June 3, 1993
Age 30 Years
Birth Place Rajkot, India
Residence Mumbai, India
Country India
Profession Actress, Model and Social Media Influencer
Education Graduated
Father (update soon)
Mother Sonal Dave
Nationality Indian
Siblings (update soon)
Brother Gautam Dave
Religion Hinduism
Spouse (update soon)
Horoscope Gemini
Weight 70 KG
Height 5 feet, 7 inches
Net Worth (update soon)
Category Actors and Actresses

Who is Ankita Dave?

Gujarat is where Ankita Dave was born on June 3. She is an actress with a sizable online following. Many images of Ankita with Bollywood stars like Akshay Kumar, Ayushmann Khurana, Alia Bhatt, etc. can be found on her Instagram account. She has participated in various commercials and performed in a variety of music videos. The actress enjoys dancing a lot.

Ankita Dave is a model, influencer, and actress from India. She gained notoriety when her MMS video went viral in 2017. Dave is an actress who has a sizable social media following. She performed in several music videos and made numerous commercials. For her parts in Indian web series and other things, Ankita is well-known.

Ankita Dave Biography

What about the biography of Ankita Dave? Indian-born Ankita Dev is a well-known model, actress, Instagram sensation, and social media influencer. The actress has gained popularity quickly by performing on the platform. Ankita Dev, an actress who has played many different roles, is highly popular these days.

In addition to her acting, Ankita Dev’s eyes, hair, physical fitness, and slimness are all very attractive and gorgeous, making her the first name on the list of web series stars who are also beautiful and fit. Ankita Dev is a well-known Instagram personality.

She is a stunning actress who is well-known for being incredibly dedicated to her career. Ankita is well-known for her work on numerous Facebook and Instagram advertisements, as well as other advertisements. She is a popular, slim-figure heroine in Sabre Kas and has achieved success in her life.

Ankita Dev was born on June 3, 1993, in Rajkot, Gujarat, India, to a middle-class or low-income family. At this time, the actress is 29 years old. Ankita Dev, an Indian actress, is well-known on social media all over the world. She takes great care in everything, and people desire her acting more than anything else. Ankita was born and raised in Rajkot, Gujarat, where she also spent her early years.

She attended a local Rajkot, Gujarat, school. Ankita Dev likes watching acting and has been wanting to be an actor since she was a young child. She made it through many days and eventually entered the performing industry. She completed her B.Sc. and came to Mumbai to study acting. Ankita first began working. She has avoided using social media to discuss her private life. Ankita has become extremely well-known for her lifestyle and glamour modelling photos.

Birth and Family

In Rajkot, Gujarat, on June 3, Ankita Dave was born. Sonal Dave is the name of her mother. Gautam Dave, a younger sibling, is her brother. Her undergraduate studies in mathematics were completed at the University of Bombay. For her career, Ankita is currently based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Ankita Dave Biography

She was born in Rajkot, Gujarat, India, into a middle-class Hindu family. Sonal Dev was Ankita’s mother’s name; however, nobody is certain of who her father is. Hindu by faith, Ankita Dev is still single and unmarried; the identity of her lover or any current relationships are unknown. OTTA Ullu Ankita Dave has extensively researched her net worth and salary on the internet.

Ankita Dev’s Boyfriend or Husband

Ankita When talking about her private life, Dave makes it a point to be somewhat out of the public eye and discreet. Although Ankita may not be openly seeing anyone, there is a possibility that she is. Therefore, it’s undoubtedly dangerous to jump to conclusions.

The information on Ankita Daves’s boyfriends and previous relationships is inconsistent; therefore, we can never be sure. We rely on several online resources, such as and other publicly available data, to ensure that our dating facts and statistics are accurate.

Ankita Dave’s Net Worth, Earnings and Salary

Ankita Dev began her acting career on the well-known OT app Ullu. Acting is her primary source of income. Her work determines her monthly or yearly wages. She has worked numerous jobs and makes a sizable income through Instagram advertisements featuring various cosmetics, clothes, and bikinis. He makes a lot of money, not just from websites but also from promotional work for different businesses. As of 2023, Ankita Dave has a net worth of about $5 million.

Ankita Dave Social Media

She is known as Mallika Rani and frequently scrolls social media platforms to share various details about her personal life with her admirers and followers. He has been marketing various aspects of himself on his Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram accounts. He showed interest in web series from the beginning of his acting career and rose to fame by appearing in them. He also received high praise from critics. Each character in the web series was well-suited and delivered a compelling message to his ardent fans.

Ankita Dev is employed by several oT firms. She portrayed Guptaji’s daughter in the online serial “Singardan,” after which she acquired a new identity. Ankita has more than 4 million followers on Instagram and has promoted numerous products there. Popular web series include Teri Khar, Gachi Ullu Web, Chicken Curry Kooksingardan Ullu Asal, Matakni Ke Matak, Amar Angane Pradhan, and Nagarbadhu, starring Ankita.

Ankita Dave controversy

Ankita Dave was deeply entangled in a scandal in 2017 a few years ago. The footage of her engaging in sexual activity with a young child quickly became popular. The 10-minute viral video was quite long. Nevertheless, the video was a hoax because Ankita was not in it. He did not make the video. The video is not Ankita’s, as she has stated. She played characters in the web series that were all incredibly well-suited and well-liked. He has worked for numerous OT businesses, including Dog, Rabbit, Goldflix, etc.


At the University of Mumbai, Sonal earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Once her video went viral, she became more well-known, and she rapidly grew her social media following. She debuted in a music video with Sunny Arya in 2017. Her fans teased her for putting the incorrectly spelled version of her name on the song’s poster on her Instagram account.

Once her video went viral, Ankita Dave gained more fame, and she steadily gained more fans on social media. She made her first appearance in a Sunny Arya-starring music video in 2017. Along with Sunny, she was featured in the Sambhav Jain and Alka Yagnik song O Maa. She was included in the Raman Kapoor and Teri Khata songs. Ankita Dave: In the year 2021, Bahane. Ankita made an appearance in Shiv Sharma’s Red Wine song. She has received various sponsorships from brands and partnerships.

Ankita will make her acting debut in the upcoming Jokers Gujarati movie. She received the top ranking and the Miss Insta November title in 2019. In 2021, she made an appearance in the Chicken Curry web serial that aired on the Koku app. She starred in the Hasmukh Dhakad-produced serial Nagar Vadhu, which was aired on the Hot Mast app. In the year 2021, Ankita appeared in the brand-new party song Meri Girlfriend Shakki Hai. In 2021, she and Ashrul Hussain co-starred in the Punjabi song Tera Naal Preet Laga Li. She made an appearance in the Koku app’s web series Mere Angane Main Stream in 2021.

Ankita Dave Biography

Hookup Karle, her other song video, stars Shaishav Mishra and is set in 2021. She contributed vocals to several songs in 2020, including End Of The World ft. Ankita Dave, O Meri Jaan, which was streamed on Spotify, and Phir Se Udana Hai, which was released on Zee Music. In the year 2020, Ankita might be seen on MX Player in the Fame House. In 2020, Hot Shots broadcast Zid – A Lonely Woman’s Story, in which she played the lead role.


What is the age of Ankita Dave?

Ankita Dave was born in Rajkot, India, on June 3, 1993, with the birth sign of Gemini, and she is 30 years old. She currently resides in Mumbai, India.

What is the Profession of Ankita Dave?

Ankita Dave works as an Indian model, actress, and social media influencer.

Who is Ankita Dave’s husband?

The name of Ankita Dave’s husband or spouse is (will update soon).

Who is Ankita Dave’s Parents?

Ankita Dave’s mother is Sonal Dave, and her father is (will update soon).

Who are Ankita Dave’s siblings?

The name of Ankita Dave’s siblings is (will update soon).

What is the net worth of Ankita Dave?

What is Ankita Dave’s net worth? (will update soon).

What is Ankita Dave’s education?

Ankita Dave has a graduate degree.

What is the height and weight of Ankita Dave?

Ankita Dave is 70 kg and 5 feet 7 inches tall.

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