Arwa Afridi Biography

Arwa Afridi, a well-known Pakistani, was born on February 14, 2020, in Peshawar, Pakistan. Find Arwa Afridi’s age, husband, net worth, height, weight, family, occupation, and more information. Learn about Arwa Afridi’s major successes and accomplishments.

Date of Birth February 14, 2020
Age 3 Years
Birth Place Peshawar, Pakistan
Residence Peshawar, Pakistan
Country Pakistan
Profession (update soon)
Education (update soon)
Father Shahid Khan Afridi
Mother Nadia Afridi
Nationality Pakistani
Siblings Aqsa Afridi, Ajwa Afridi, Asmara Afridi & Ansha Afridi
Brother (update soon)
Religion Islam
Spouse (update soon)
Horoscope Aquarius
Weight (update soon)
Height (update soon)
Net Worth (update soon)
Category Miscellaneous

Who is Arwa Afridi

Arwa is daughter of shahid Afridi .

Arwa Afridi Biography


Arwa Afridi Family

The famous Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi’s fifth child is Arwa Afridi, who also has four other sisters named Aqsa Afridi, Ajwa Afridi, Asmara Afridi, and Ansha Afridi.

What is the age of Arwa Afridi?

Age 3 years, birth date February 14, 2020, horoscope Aquarius, birthplace Peshawar, Pakistan, nationality Pakistani, and place of residence Pakistan’s Peshawar.

What is the Profession of Arwa Afridi?

Arwa Afridi is a Pakistani professional (will update soon).

Arwa Afridi Biography

Who is Arwa Afridi’s husband?

The name of Arwa Afridi’s husband or spouse will be updated soon.

Who is Arwa Afridi’s Parents?

Shahid Khan Afridi is Arwa Afridi’s father, while Nadia Afridi is her mother.

Who is Arwa Afridi’s siblings?

Aqsa Afridi, Ajwa Afridi, Asmara Afridi, and Ansha Afridi are the names of Arwa Afridi’s siblings.

What is the net worth of Arwa Afridi?

The estimated value of Arwa Afridi is (will update shortly).

What is Arwa Afridi education?

Education for Arwa Afridi is (will update soon).

What is the height and weight of Arwa Afridi?

Arwa Afridi’s height and weight have not yet been disclosed.


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