Asma Nawaz Sharif Biography

Famous Pakistani former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s daughter, Asma Nawaz Sharif, was born in Lahore, Pakistan. Discover details about Asma Nawaz Sharif’s age, husband, net worth, weight, height, career, family, and more. Learn about Asma Nawaz Sharif’s major successes and accomplishments.

Asma Nawaz Sharif Biography

Date of Birth (update soon)
Age 46 years
birth Place Lahore, Pakistan
Residence Lahore, Pakistan
Country Pakistan
Profession former Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Daughter
Education Graduated
Father Nawaz Sharif
Mother Kulsoom Nawaz
Nationality Pakistani
Siblings Maryam Nawaz
Brother Hussain Sharif and Hassan Sharif
Religion Islam
Spouse Ali Dar
Horoscope (update soon)
Weight 70 KG
Height 5 feet, 6 inches
——- (——–)
Category Miscellaneous


Who is Asma Nawaz Sharif

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Asma Nawaz is quoted as saying, “Mia Saab Ny Apni Beti ka Soda Kia He Kehny ko to Kuch b keha Ja skat He Asma Nawaz ko ly ker Yehi Keha Jata He ky Nawaz Shareef Ke, Daughter Ke Shaadi Saudia Ky Royal Family me Prince ky Sath hui he lekin esa Kuch b nehi Balky Asma Nawaz Ke Shaadi to Nawaz Sharif ky Dost Ishaq Dar Jo Pakistan Ky Federal Minister for Finance theey.

Asma Nawaz ky Bary me to ye Rumors B Boht Trending me theey Ali Dar Asma Nawaz Se Shaadi nehi kerna Chaty theey Ali Dar Business Man he or Keha Jata he Ky Ishaq Dar Opposition he or Bimari Ka ILaj Kerwany United Kingdom Chaly giy Huy he ky Ali Dar Sy Hui he Ali Dar Ky Bary Me B keha Jata he ky Ali Dar Asma Nawaz Se Shaadi.

Asma Nawaz Sharif Biography
Asma Nawaz Biography

Nawaz Shareef ny Ishaq Dar ko Khamosh Kerwany ky liy Apni Daughter Asma Ke Shaadi Ali Dar Kerwany ky Asma Nawaz Ky Naam he ky Asma Nawaz Ke Shaadi Per Sirf 80 Peoples Invited theey Jiss ke Waja se Nawaz sharif ky Kuch Dosto ny Nawaz

The name Nawaz Sharif resonates as a huge beacon of power in Pakistani politics. He served as Pakistan’s prime minister three times, and his legacy and political skill have had a significant impact on the sociopolitical climate of the nation. Today, however, we shift our attention away from the individual and onto Asma Nawaz Sharif, a lesser-known but no less significant family member.

The extensive political career of her father Nawaz Sharif has cast a shadow over Asma Nawaz Sharif’s life for a significant portion of it. Her life has been closely entwined with the threads of her father’s political journeys, triumphs, and sufferings because she was raised in a political powerhouse family. Nevertheless, despite her family’s notoriety in the media, Asma has maintained a low profile, giving her a mysterious and intriguing aspect.

Asma Nawaz Sharif has had a life that most people can only imagine because she is Nawaz Sharif’s daughter. Her childhood was probably a special blend of private and public experiences growing up in a family that was so intricately woven into Pakistan’s political system. The Sharif home was more than just a place to live; it served as a focal point for political debates and planning sessions, as well as a potential target for media attention.
Asma might have been observing political strategy and decision-making firsthand while most kids her age were learning about politics in school.

There is little doubt that Asma’s personal life has been significantly impacted by her father Nawaz Sharif’s political career. Her father’s exile and imprisonment would have put the family through more hardships, but they would have become resilient and developed a special perspective on the shifting political tides.

Asma Nawaz Sharif married

According to Asma Nawaz Sharif, Ky Bary Me Boht Kuch Keha Jata Reha he Jin me Se Jo News Kafi Trend per rehi Vo ye he ky Asma Nawaz Ky Bary Me Inhy Saudia Ky Prince Se Shaadi ka B Keha Jata he ky Nawaz Sharif ke Daughter Asma Nawaz ke Shaadi Saudia Ky Royal Family Me Ho gei hui he or Ab onhy Divorce Ho Gia or Ab In ke Shaadi Isha

Or Ye Shaadi Kafi Simple Ke gei thee Jiss me Sirf 80 People Invited theey Asma Nawaz ke Ali Dar se Shaadi ko Log kehty he ky Nawaz Sharif ny Ishaq Dar Ny NAB ko Nawaz Sharif ky Khilaf Proof deny or Gawahi deny ky liy NAB ky Sath

Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Maryam Nawaz actively supports the PMLN. The name Maryam Nawaz is well known to everyone because she is a prominent PMLN politician. Asma Nawaz is another daughter of Nawaz Sharif.

Asma Nawaz Sharif Biography
Asma Nawaz Sharif Biography

Many online rumors state that Asma Nawaz is married to a Saudi prince, which is completely untrue. Asma Nawaz, a daughter of Nawaz Sharif, wed Ali Dar. All of the fake news reports about Asma Nawaz’s marriage to a Saudi prince are untrue.


Businessman Ali Dar is the son of Ishaq Dar, Pakistan’s current finance minister. The wedding ceremony had already taken place in Saudi Arabia, and only one special visitor had been invited. Many of Nawaz Sharif’s acquaintances were upset that they were not invited to the event. There are rumors that only 80 people were invited. All of this occurred in 2004, when Asma Nawaz, the daughter of Nawaz Sharif, was married to Dar’s eldest son in the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah. Ishaq Dar was employed by Ittefaq Group; he is currently a relative of Nawaz Sharif, who appointed him as Pakistan’s finance minister.

As a result, Imran Khan, the head of the opposition party, claimed Ali Dar had numerous business empires and homes in Dubai. Imran Khan added that they are destroying Pakistan’s economy and sending the country’s wealth abroad.

In actuality, it’s a lengthy tale. Let’s get back to the main topic at hand: the wedding of Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Asma. Because Asma Nawaz has little interest in politics, few people are familiar with her. Asma Nawaz never makes political statements. When Ali Dar’s Facebook post went viral last year, he was seated in a Lamborghini that cost $200,000, which is equivalent to PKR 2,00,00,000.

Therefore, if you were seeking for Asma Nawaz’s wedding with a Saudi price and their images, sit back and relax since it never happened.

Asma Nawaz Sharif’s Twitter

If anyone knows Asma Nawaz Sharif’s social media account, please paste it in the comments and we will set the link if we find it. We believe she is not using social media because we have searched and found nothing.


What is the age of Asma Nawaz Sharif?

Asma Nawaz Sharif is 46 years old. Her date of birth, horoscope, and place of birth are all in Lahore, Pakistan. She is a Pakistani national and calls Lahore, Pakistan, home.

What is the profession of Asma Nawaz Sharif?

By profession, Asma Nawaz Sharif is the daughter of former Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

Who is Asma Nawaz Sharif’s husband?

Ali Dar is Asma Nawaz Sharif’s husband or partner.

Who is Asma Nawaz Sharif’s Parents?

Nawaz Sharif is Asma Nawaz Sharif’s father, while Kulsoom Nawaz is her mother.

Who is Asma Nawaz Sharif’s siblings?

Maryam Nawaz is one of Asma Nawaz Sharif’s siblings.

What is Asma Nawaz Sharif education?

Asma Nawaz Sharif has a graduate degree.

What is the height and weight of Asma Nawaz Sharif?

Asma Nawaz Sharif is 70 KG and 5 feet 6 inches tall.

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