Asmara Afridi Biography


Famous Pakistani actress Asmara was born on Sunday, May 20, 2012 in Peshawar, Pakistan. Discover details about Asmara Afridi’s age, spouse, net worth, height, weight, profession, family, and more. Learn about Asmara’s major successes and accomplishments.

Asmara Afridi Biography

Shahid Afridi, a famous cricketer from Pakistan, is the father of Asmara . Asmara is ten years old. She was conceived on May 20, 2012. In his career as a cricket player, Afridi breaks several records. All five of Shahid Afridi’s children are female. Shahid Afridi’s fourth child is Asmara.

Asmara Afridi Biography

Date of Birth May 20, 2012
Age 11 Years
Birth Place Peshawar, Pakistan
Residence Peshawar, Pakistan
Country Pakistan
Profession —–
Education Reading in 4th class
Father Shahid Khan Afridi
Mother Nadia Afridi
Nationality Pakistani
Siblings Aqsa Afridi, Ajwa Afridi, Arwa Afridi & Ansha Afridi
Brother no
Religion Islam
Spouse =
Horoscope Taurus
Weight 35 KG
Height 4 Feet 6 Inches
Net Worth —–
Category Miscellaneous

All of Shahid Afridi’s children are extremely dear to him, but his fourth daughter Asmara is his favourite. Daughters are Allah Almighty’s greatest gift, according to Shahid Afridi. And I owe Allah Almighty my gratitude for bestowing daughters onto me. Shahid Afridi values his darling daughters beyond everything else. Please all of their requests and needs.

They notably make a big deal out of their girls’ birthdays. And Shahid Afridi recently wed Aqsa Afridi, his eldest daughter. And his daughter seemed to be extremely pleased with her marriage. He wed Naseer Nasir Khan to his daughter. He is a member of the Pathan Caste.

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Asmara Afridi Biography

Asmara Afridi Age

Asmara Afridi Age is 10 year.

She was born on 20 May 2012 in Pakistan.

Asmara is his fourth daughter.

Personal Profile about Asmara

There are five sisters for Asmara. Asmara is breathtakingly attractive. According to Shahid Afridi, his younger daughter Asmara is his sweetheart and he adores her. Fourth grade reading level for Asmara.

Asmara Date of Birth

Date of Birth is 20 May 2012.

Asmara Family

Asmara, Afridi His father’s name is Shahid Afridi. My mum goes by the name of Nadia Afridi. The youngest of five sisters, she is. first Afridi Aqsa Toby Afridi Afridi, Ajwa , Afridi, Asmara Afridi Arwa.

Asmara Afridi Biography


Q. What is the age of Asmara Afridi?

Asmara was born on Sunday, May 20, 2012, on the zodiac sign of Taurus. He is 11 years old, of Pakistani nationality, and resides in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Q. Who is Asmara Afridi’s Parents?

Shahid Khan is Asmara Afridi’s father, while Nadia Afridi is her mother.

Q. Who is Asmara’s siblings?

Aqsa Afridi, Ajwa Afridi, Arwa Afridi, and Ansha Afridi are the names of Asmara Afridi’s siblings.

Q. What is the education of Asmara ?

Fourth-grade reading is Asmara Afridi’s subject of study.

Q. What is the height and weight of Asmara Afridi?

Asmara is 35 KG and Feet Inches tall.