Aybars Kartal Özson

Aybars Kartal Özson (Orhan)

Aybars Kartal Ozson is a well-known Turkish actor who was born in Uskudar, Istanbul, on May 18, 2008. Find out Aybars Kartal Özson’s age, wife, net worth, weight, height, career, family, pictures, biography, and more. Find out about all of Aybars Kartal Ozson’s most important accomplishments.

Aybars Kartal Özson Biography

Aybars Kartal Özson Biography

Aybars Kartal, who is from Turkey, is a well-known child actor. Aybars Kartal Ozson became well-known for his acting, and now young people look up to him as their hero. He was in shows like “Just Different” (2020), “Benim Babam Bir Melek” (2017), and “Bir Cocuk Sevdim” (2012).


Aybars Kartal Ozson was born in Uskudar, Istanbul, on May 18, 2008. His family moved from Bulgaria to Turkey and he is their son. He is in the fifth grade at school right now. His favourite class is drama, and he likes to read books, watch TV, and play football in his spare time. His parents signed him up with a casting company. The first movie he was in was an advertisement (Milupa, 2009). When he was 3, he played Hasan in “Bir Cocuk Sevdim,” a serial movie with Bulent Inal and Cetin Tekindor.

aybars kartal özson biografia

Date of Birth 18 May 2008
Age 15 Years
Birth Place  Uskudar, Istanbul
Residence  Uskudar.
Country  Turkey
Profession  Actor
Education   In School
Father Name (Coming soon)
Mother Name (Coming soon)
Nationality  Turkish
Siblings (Coming soon)
Brother (Coming soon)
Religion  Islam
Spouse (Coming soon)
Horoscope  Taurus
Weight 47
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Net Worth 4 lac
Category Actors & Actresses
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In the third season of the serial movie “Muhtesem Yuzyil” (2012-2013), which was shown almost everywhere, he played the role of “Prince Cihangir.” After that project, he played “Yunus” in the Star TV series “Aramizda Kalsin,” which ran from 2013 to 2015 and starred seasoned actors like Ugur Yucel, Binnur Kaya, Gokce Bahadir, and Caner Cindoruk. After he played a role in “Aramizda Kalsin,” people started calling him “Kivircik” and “Sarifirtina” everywhere. Sinasi Yurtsever and I were in a commercial for Ing Bank Turuncu Hesap – Misket in 2014.

Aybars Kartal Özson Biography

He played the role of “Tahir” in the serial movie “Sen Benimsin,” which has been shown on FOX TV (2015). He played the role of “Kaan” in the Kordugum serial movie “intersection,” which has been shown on FOX TV (2016). Finally, he played the role of “Kerem” in the serial movie “Vurgun,” which has been shown on FOX TV (2019).

Aybars Kartal Özson Trivia

  • Aybars Kartal zson was born in Turkey, in the city of Istanbul.
  • The star sign of Aybars Kartal zson’s birth is Taurus.
  • He is an actor who is best known for his roles in Just Different (2020), Benim Babam Bir Melek (2017), and Bir ocuk Sevdim (2012).
  • In 2016, he was nominated for the Best Child Actor/Actress Pantene Golden Butterfly Award for Kordügüm (2016).
  • He has the handle @aybarskartal on Instagram.

Aybars Kartal Özson

  • Name: Aybars Kartal Özson
  • Profession: Actor
  • Gender: Male
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Birthday: May 18, 2008
  • Age: 14 years old
  • Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Birth Place: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Country: Turkey
  • Nationality: Turkish


Aybars went to pre-primary school in Bulgaria, but no one knows the name of the school. He kept going to school and went back to his elementary school in Istanbul, Turkey. He is now in grade 8 at this school.

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Other details about his education are kept secret. Maybe one day we’ll be able to find out about Aybars’s education. When that happens, we’ll change it on this site.

Career and Professional Life

Aybars did a commercial for Milupa Spoon Mom in 2009 after his family signed him up with an agency. When he was only 3, he played Hasan on the TV show “Bir Child Loved.” He played ehzade Cihangir in the third season of the TV show “Magnificent Century” (2012–2013).

In the TV show “Kalsin Between Us,” which was shown on Star TV, Aybars played the part of Yunus (2013–2015). He was Inasi Yurtsever in the 2014 Ing Bank Orange Account – Misket commercial.

Aybars Kartal Özson Biography

In 2015, he played Tahir on the FOX show “Sen Benimsin.” In the TV show “Vurgun,” he played the role of Kerem. In the 2019 TV show “Hekimoglu,” he started playing the part of Ali. In 2016, Aybars was in the movie “Kordugum.” His performance in the movie was so good that he was nominated for the “Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards” for Best Child Actor.

Brand Endorsements

No one knows what brands Aybars Kartal Ozson has worked with. He is not important enough to know about or represent the brands. In the future, he might help these kinds of businesses and tell people about their products. We don’t have any information right now, but as soon as we do, we’ll add it to this page.

Awards and Nomination

He has won two awards: the Istanbul Gelisim University Best Child Actor in 2016, and the Collaborative Life Without Barriers Foundation and Haciko Best Child Actor in 2016.

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He has a bright future and a lot of chances to win many awards and be nominated for many more. If he keeps working like this, he will be the best voice actor ever.

Net Worth

From what I’ve heard and the number of years he’s worked in the movie business, he’s been there for a long time. He makes money from movies and TV shows, among other things, and is estimated to have a net worth of about $150,000. No one knows how much he makes each week, year, or month, but he has made a lot of money from his acting career.

Relationship Status

Aybars Kartal Ozson is not dating anyone and does not have a girlfriend. The 14-year-old boy doesn’t want to get into a relationship because he’s more interested in finishing high school and making movies.

He is still too young to fall in love and be with someone. If he ever gets together with someone, we’ll update this website.


There is no news or information about the scandal involving Aybars Kartal Ozson on any popular websites or in the media. He has a good name with the press and with his own parents.

He was born into a family of actors, and he is also a very good actor. Many people look up to him because of his talent. Most adults don’t have as much talent as a 14-year-old. He hasn’t told anyone anything about his personal life because he is very private.

Body Measurements

Aybars Kartal Ozson is 5.1 feet tall and weighs 45 kilogrammes. The sizes of his shoes and clothes are also not known. Other body measurements, such as hips, chest, waist, biceps, and so on, are also not available.

His hair is short and brownish-gray. His skin is fair, and his eyes are light green. He hasn’t talked about it in the media, so it’s hard to find out what his body measurements are because of his privacy.