Fiza Ali

Fiza Ali

She is a well-known Pakistani actress who was born in Karachi, Pakistan, on October 5, 1980. Find out about Fiza Ali’s age, husband, net worth, weight, height, career, family, pictures, biography, and more. Find out about all of Fiza’s most important accomplishments.

Fiza Ali biography

Fiza Ali Biography

Date of Birth Oct 05, 1980
Age 43 Years
Birth Place  Karachi
Residence  Lahore
Country  Pakistan
Profession   Actress
Education  Graduated
Father Name  Ali Ahmad
Mother Name  Huma Ali
Nationality  Pakistani
brothers and sisters  Faryal Ali & Erum Ali
Brother Name
Religion   Islam
Husband Ayaz Malik & Fawad Farooq ( Divorced )
Horoscope  Libra
Weight  56
Height  5 feet 5 inches
Net Worth
Category Actors & Actresses

Fiza Ali Wedding

In real life, Fiza Ali got married for the second time. After her second marriage, she also quit show business. On her Facebook page, Fiza Ali wrote that I got married to Ayaz Malik. She also legally changed her name. Now she is Fiza Ayaz Malik. Ayaz Malik does not belong to showbiz. He runs a business and does very well at it.

She added something else to her message. I got married to Ayaz Malik, and by Allah’s grace, I’m proud of it. However, I kept doing my game show until the contract was up. After that, I quit my show and left show business for good. She asked her fans to say prayers for her in the future.

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Don’t forget that actress Fiza was first married to Fawad Farooq, but she couldn’t stay with him. Her first husband, Fawad Farooq, left her for another woman. Faryal Farooq is the name of Fiza daughter.

Fiza Ali biography age

Fiza Ali age

Fiza Ali only stays in good shape because she takes care of her fitness. She is a guy who is taller. If she doesn’t stay in shape, she won’t be able to make it in show business or with her fans. Fiza spends a lot of time working out to keep her body in good shape. Fans were very interested in things like Fiza’s height, weight, age, etc. She was born in Karachi on October 5, 1980. Fiza is 39 years old. This is based on the date she was born.

Fiza is on the list of the Top Pakistani Actresses because of how hard she works and how much she cares.

Fiza Ali sister

Fiza Ali doesn’t come from a big family. Ali Ahmad is her father’s name, and her mother’s name is Huma Ali. She only has a single sister. Her taller sister is also a guy. Fiza sister name is Erum Ali.

Fiza Weight

She got too heavy at one point. Fiza wants to stay slim and smart very much. So, she spends a lot of time at the gym and works out in different ways. She quickly lost a lot of weight. Now she has lost weight and looks smart again. Fiza Ali weight is 53Kg (116bs).

Fiza Ali Daughter

Fiza Ali loved her daughter very much. She looks like an angel. Faryal Farooq is the name of Fiza’s daughter. Faryal Fawad is Fiza’s first daughter from her first marriage to Fawad Farooq. Fawad Farooq was Fiza’s first husband. He has done well in business, but Fiza Ali and Fawad Farooq can’t stay together for long. Fawad Farooq left Fiza  with a daughter of Faraal Fawad. Fiza Ali is living with Faryal Fawad. She feels a lot of feelings about her daughter. Faryal Farooq loves her mother, Fiza, too. Fiza left show business so many times because of her daughter.

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When you go to Fiza Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, you can see a lot of pictures of her daughter Faraal Fawad. Fiza said that she can’t leave without her daughter Faryal Fawad farooq.

Personal Profile About Fiza Ali

  • She is 42 years old. She was born on Sunday, October 5, 1980, in Karachi, Pakistan.
  • She is a Pakistani citizen and lives in Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Fiza Ali is married to Fawad Farooq (Divorced) & Ayaz Malik. Her father is Ali Ahmad, her mother is Huma Ali, and she has two brothers named Faryal Ali and Erum Ali.
  • How much is Fiza Ali worth? (will update soon).
  • Fiza is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 55 kilogram mes.
  • She has graduated from school.
  • Fiza’s name means “wide, open, open-hearted, enlarger, improver, who expands, magnifier,” while Ali’s name means “eminent, noble, high in rank.”

Fiza Ali biography age