Moji Basar Biography

Moji Basar, a well-known Indian director, producer, writer, and production manager, was born on May 31, 1996, in India. You can find information on Moji Basar’s age, wife, net worth, height, weight, and career here, along with images, a biography, and other details. Discover Moji Basar’s most notable successes and accomplishments.

Date of Birth Friday, May 31, 1996
Age 27 Years
Birth Place India
Residence Dubai, UAE
Country India
Profession Filmmaker, Producer, Writer, and Production Manager
Education Master’s degree in Directing Film and Television
Father (update soon)
Mother (update soon)
Nationality Indian
Siblings (update soon)
Brother (update soon)
Religion Hinduism
Spouse Madiha Imam
Horoscope Gemini
Weight 67 KG
Height 5 Feet 8 Inches
Net Worth (update soon)
Category Actors and Actresses

Who Is  Moji Basar

Award-winning director, producer, screenwriter, and production coordinator Moji Basar. He has acted in films like Luka Chuppi and The Sick (2018). (2019). In addition to being a writer who has worked with several well-known musicians, Basar is well-known for his unique filmmaking.

A well-known director and producer is Moji Basar. Basar also holds jobs as a writer and a production manager. He has acted in films like Luka Chuppi and The Sick (2018). (2019). He is well on his way to earning a reputation for himself in the film industry, and his filmmaking career is prospering.

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Recently, Moji Basar’s name has been associated with the Bollywood business. He is a multi-talented musician who has made a name for himself as a vocalist, producer, writer, and production manager.

He started his work in a Bollywood production business after receiving his bachelor’s degree. His work has earned a great deal of appreciation from critics and viewers alike, making him a significant figure in the entertainment industry.

Moji Basar Wedding

On May 1, 2023, Moji Basar wed Madiha Imam. While the nice snapshot of Madiha Imam and her hubby was posted by the Pakistani actress.

In a recent post, Madiha Imam shared pictures of both she and her fiance in their wedding attire. Her groom is dressed in a traditional Pakistani sherwani, and her bridal gown is stunning.

Posting her wedding pictures, Madiha remarked, “Married 1-5-2023.” As we start this new chapter in our lives, do remember us in your prayers.

Moji Basar Age

He is 27 Years old.

Moji Basar height

He is 5 feet 8 inch tall and lives in Dubai, UAE.

Moji Basar Education

He is well renowned for having a doctorate. From the prestigious Bournemouth University in England, he earned a Master’s degree in Cinema and Television Directing.

Moji Basar Religion: Is He Muslim?

Following Moji Basar’s marriage to a Pakistani actress, admirers commented on their wedding pictures. It has been questioned whether Moji Basar is a Muslim or not. Everybody is curious about his religion. He has not yet disclosed any information regarding his religious affiliations, therefore it is unclear whether he follows Islam or not. Thus, when we learn more about his opinions, we’ll keep you informed.

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Moji Basar Wife

Moji Basar is married to renowned actress Madiha Imam. On May 1st, 2023, they were wed in Dubai. Madiha Imam, the wife of Moji Basar, is a well-known drama performer in Pakistan who has also acted in Indian films.

Moji Basar Biography

Moji Basar Wife Name

Moji Basar’s wife, Madiha Imam, is a well-known drama actress in Pakistan. On May 1, 2023, they were wed in a simple ceremony.

Moji Basar Family

He has also been quite private regarding his personal life. He has not disclosed any information on his parents or siblings, about whom little is known.

Moji Basar Nationality

Moji Basar is not a Pakistani filmmaker. His exact nationality is Indian.

Moji Basar Religion

Nobody is aware about Muji’s religion at this time. Moji Basar has been categorised as a non-Muslim by some and as Chinese, Japanese, or Hindu by others.


Moji Basar Career

In 2017, Moji started his career in the entertainment industry by working as a production assistant on many movie sets. He quickly rose through the ranks and took on production management responsibilities for some of Bollywood’s biggest films at the time. On films like The Sick and Luka Chuppi, where he served as production manager, his reputation as a rising star was cemented.

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Interesting Facts Moji Basar

  • In 2018, Basar began his career as a producer of Hindi films and shorts.
  • Basar made the decision to work in the film industry in 2018 and started writing and making films.
  • His efforts to advance the sector both domestically and abroad have been acknowledged, as have his achievements.
  • For his work, Basar has received various awards.
  • Indian filmmaker, producer, and writer Moji Basar has made significant contributions to the industry.
  • He made a name for himself as an accomplished producer by producing numerous films.
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Moji Basar’s Net Worth

Popular filmmaker and producer Moji Basar has accumulated a large fortune. Nonetheless, it is not made known how wealthy he is. It is also unclear how much he has profited from his employment in the film business.

Who is Madiha Imam?

The 32-year-old Pakistani actress Madiha Imam has made a name for herself in the country’s entertainment industry.

Pakistani actor Imam was reared in and is from Karachi. She made her acting debut in the television drama series “Ishq Mein Teray” in 2015. She received a nomination for Best Actress at the Lux Style Awards for her depiction in the drama “Dhaani.”

Imam has since taken part in a number of television programmes, solidifying her reputation as a wonderful actor known for her versatility and range.


Q. What is the age of Moji Basar?

Moji Basar is an Indian national who is 27 years old, was born on Friday, May 31, 1996, has the astrological sign of Gemini, and resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Q. What is the Profession of Moji Basar?

Moji Basar is a professional Indian filmmaker, producer, writer, and production manager.

Q. Who is Moji Basar’s wife?

Moji Basar wife or spouse name is Madiha Imam.

Q. Who is Moji Basar’s Parents?

Moji Basar’s father’s name is (update shortly) and his mother’s name is (update shortly).

Q. Who is Moji Basar’s siblings?

Moji Basar siblings name is (update soon).

Q. What is the net worth of Moji Basar?

Moji Basar net worth is (update soon).

Q. What is the education of Moji Basar?

Moji Basar has a Master’s degree in Film and Television Direction.

Q. What is the height and weight of Moji Basar?

Moji Basar stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 67 kilograms.

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