Sarim Burney Biography

Sarim Burney is a well-known Pakistani social activist who was born in Karachi. Sarim Burney’s age, wife, net worth, weight, height, profession, family, pictures, biography, and other information can be found here. Learn about Sarim Burney’s major triumphs and accomplishments.

Sarim Burney Biography

Date of Birth —-
Birth Place Karachi, Pakistan
Residence Karachi, Pakistan
Country Pakistan
Profession Social Activist
Education Graduated
Father Syed Mukhtar Ahmad Burney
Mother —-
Nationality Pakistani
Siblings —–
Brother Ansar Burney
Religion Islam
Spouse Aliya burney
Horoscope —–
Weight 65 KG
Height 5 Feet 8 Inches
Net Worth —-
Category Charity Workers

Personal Profile About Sarim Burney

Sarim is a Pakistani entrepreneur and Chairman who manages his non-profit organization, ‘Sarim Burney Welfare-Trust,’ and serves as the Trust’s chairperson. Trust has assisted many impoverished and victimised people, including children, women, and men, since its inception.

Sarim Burney Family

He married Aliya in 1995, and they have one daughter and three boys. Aliya is a social activist who works with her spouse for the Burni Welfare Trust.

She fulfils her duties as Vice-Chairperson of the Trust and deals with the female residents in a motherly way. In 2016, the NHF named her a ‘Inspirational Woman of Pakistan’ at the Karachi Arts Council.

Sarim Burney Biography


He comes from a wealthy and influential family and has always had a warm and affectionate demeanour. He disliked worldly things and life, but found serenity in serving his people.

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Sarim started his philanthropic journey as a teenager, joining several organisations that serve humanity. It fueled his desire to serve and assist the poor and oppressed.

Sarim Burney Trust

He is a social activist and the head of his non-profitable Trusts for oppressed people, without discrimination based on creed, religion, or caste. Its goals are to bring together the entire community from all walks of life under one roof in order to uplift and better the entire country.

It opposes all forms of inhumanity, cruelty, injustice, and mistreatment of women and children. The organisation strives for social justice and civic liberties for all members of society. Under Burney’s visionary leadership, a lawyer’s squad has been established, recognising the difficulties and requirements of poor communities and providing them with legal remedies and morale boosts.

Sarim Burney Biography

Success Stories

Muhammad Ilyas

Ilyas, an honest man with a disability in one arm, got himself into difficulty after being accused in a false case. Sindh Police apprehended him and imprisoned him for a year. Burney Trust Legal Aid Committees work on such issues, with a focus on releasing poor people who lack the tools, references, and money to fight for their release.

Ilyas was working hard as a television mechanic to make a decent living. Unfortunately, he became entangled in a false case and accusation. He lacks the means to save himself. Sarim’s Trust Art of Sindh Prison-Oversight Committee visits public jails/prisons on a regular basis to inspect the jail environment and ensure that inmates’ rights are protected.
During such a visit, a Trust member found Ilyas’ case; the Legal Committee then took control of the case and filed an appeal for review of the allegations against Ilyas. The trust pays for all legal assistance and attorney fees. The determination of the Legal-Aid Committee paid off, and Ilyas was released.

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Rafi Maseeh

Rafi contacted Burney for assistance in obtaining justice for his murdered son after witnessing his son die in the middle of the road. A police car was on its way to arrest the attacker, but it was unable to save the kid. The murderer used his clout to get out of prison.

Rafi’s efforts to pursue justice were futile. He contacted Burney’s Legal-Aid department after being dissatisfied with Pakistani justice courts. Rafi received excellent legal assistance services from this department. He stood up with bravery and demanded justice after receiving complete support.

After a painful and difficult fifteen-year voyage, Rafi received justice, and the attacker was sentenced to execution by the Supreme Court. The murderer sought bail, but his efforts were futile because the legal aid section vigorously fought the case.

Rehana Parveen

Rehana became entangled in a dangerous scam while looking for a profitable and honest job overseas. She travelled to Oman in quest of work, but her Kafeel trapped her in labour exploitation and human trafficking. Her spouse sought assistance from SBIT by submitting an application to its ICR&A (International Center for Rescue & Advocacy) center, in which he described the situation.

The ICR&A acted quickly, approaching Pakistani citizens in Oman and explaining the situation to them. Perveen was rescued and successfully returned to Pakistan after much struggle and effort.

Social Media Handles

His social media account include


Q. What is the age of Sarim Burney?

Sarim Burney’s age is, his birthday is, his horoscope (which will be updated shortly), his birthplace is Karachi, Pakistan, his nationality is Pakistani, and he lives in Pakistan’s Karachi.

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Q. What is the Profession of Sarim Burney?

Sarim Burney is a professional Pakistani social activist.

Q. Who is Sarim Burney’s wife?

Aliya Burney is Sarim Burney’s wife or spouse.

Q. Who is Sarim Burney’s Parents?

Sarim Burney’s father is Syed Mukhtar Ahmad Burney, and his mother is (will update soon).

Q. Who is Sarim Burney’s siblings?

(will update soon).

Q. What is the net worth of Sarim Burney?

Sarim Burney net worth is 5 Miilion.

Q. What is the education of Sarim Burney?

Sarim education is Graduated.

Q. What is the height and weight of Sarim Burney?

Sarim Burney is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 65 kilogrammes.