Shella Dan Wilda Biography

Shella Dan Wilda Biography : In international women’s volleyball events, the Indonesian women’s national volleyball team, Shella Dan Wilda, competes and engages in friendly matches. Twenty times, it took part in the Women’s Asian Volleyball Championship, placing fifth in 1979.

Shella Dan Wilda Biography

Date of Birth 31/10/1999
Age 27 Years
Birth Place BANDUNG , Indonesia
Residence Indonesia
Country Indonesia
Profession Volley ball Player
Education Graduate
Father (update soon)
Mother (update soon)
Siblings (update soon)
Brother (update soon)
Spouse Adriana Valcarcel
Horoscope Scorpio
Weight 60 KG
Height 5 Feet 8 Inches, 177cm
Net Worth 10 Million
Category Player

Cantik and prestasi are two words that can describe Shella Bernadetha. Ia will be the sole Indonesian athlete competing at the 2021 SEA Games. As a result, information about Shella Bernadetha’s religious ideas and bio have spread widely among chess enthusiasts. Vietnam will host the tournament from May 12 through May 23, 2022. An overview of Shella Bernadetha’s biography and faith is provided here.

Shella Dan Wilda Biography
Shella Dan Wilda Biography

Biodata and beliefs of Shella Bernadetha

Shella Bernadetha is an Indonesian athlete who was born in Bandung on October 31, 1999, and was raised by a variety of sumbers. He clearly has connections to both Bengkulu and Nusa Tenggara Timur. A woman named Shella Bernadetha turned to Islam. This is a social media post that was made to celebrate Idul Fitri and to talk about jilbab.


Bernadetha Karir Shella

Since she was a young girl, Shella Bernadetha has been fascinated by the aviation industry and has always wanted to be a pilot. Flying instruction has been postponed until 2017.

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The Jakarta Elektrik PLN team is now in charge of Shella Bernadetha. Ia persisted in making a positive difference for Jakarta Elektrik PLN during the 2017 Proliga season. During the currently taking place SEA Games 2019 in the Philippines, Shella Bernadetha previously outperformed timnas voli putri Indonesia.

Shella Dan Wilda Biography

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