Faisal Azam Biography

Famous Pakistani YouTuber Faisal Azam was born in Lahore, Pakistan. Find out about Faisal Azam’s age, wife, net worth, height, weight, profession, family, photos, and more. Learn about Faisal Azam’s major successes and accomplishments.

Faisal Azam Biography

Date of Birth (update soon)
Age (update soon)
Birth Place Lahore, Pakistan
Residence Lahore, Pakistan
Country Pakistan
Profession YouTuber
Education Graduated
Father Azam Siddique
Mother (update soon)
Nationality Pakistani
Siblings (update soon)
Brother Babar Azam, Safeer Azam
Religion Islam
Spouse (update soon)
Horoscope (update soon)
Weight 75 KG
Height 5 feet 7 inches
—— (——–)
Category Youtubers


Who is Faisal Azam

Brothers Babar Azam has two. His older brother is Faisal Azam, while Safeer Azam is his younger sibling.

There is a sister named Fariya Azam among the siblings of Babar Azam.

Faisal Azam Biography

Sources claim that Babar Azam Brother Faisal Azam is 32 years old. In 1990, Faisal Azam was born.

Azam Babar Brother Age of Safer Azam is 24. Safeer Azam was born in Lahore on July 31, 1998.

The older brother of Babar Azam is Faisal Azam. He is an actor and a model. Currently, he is the owner of the “Faisal Azam Vibes – FAV” YouTube channel. He often updates his YouTube channel with new vlogs.

The foods Faisal Azam enjoys most include barbecue, grilled chicken, and biryani. He does not, however, consume Biryani because it contains carbohydrates.

Faisal Azam enjoys driving automobiles. BMW and SUVs are his preferred makes of vehicle.

Mahira Khan is a favorite actor of Faisal Azam. In the future, he hopes to collaborate with Mahira Khan.

Faisal Azam claims to be obsessed with sports bikes. He has always had dreams about bikes and speed. He enjoys driving high-end vehicles. In his home, he has a lot of bikes and cars.

Faisal Azam claims that it took him some time to convince his family to let him ride a sports bike because they are extremely dangerous if not handled carefully.

Faisal Azam Biography

All three of them, according to Faisal Azam, are close friends. They divulge each other’s secrets. Being the older brother, Faisal Azam keeps an eye on Babar Azam and Safeer Azam, although he dislikes to be the ruler. The cordial demeanor is enjoyed by all the brothers.

Shoaib Malik and Soahib Akhtar are two of Babar Azam’s brother Faisal Azam’s favorite cricketers.

Babar Azam Brother Safeer Azam

Azam Safeer was born on July 31, 1998. Aged 24 years old, he.

Babar Azam’s younger sibling is Safeer Azam. Safeer is pursuing a career in cricket like Babar Azam. He frequently appears to be working out in the dirt and nets.

Babar Azam Cousin Brothers

Babar Azam is the cousin brother of Pakistani cricketers Umer Akmal, Kamran Akmal, and Adnan Akmal. The Akmal brothers are not currently playing for Pakistan.

In Pakistani cricket, we have witnessed some of Akmal Brother’s best performances.

There are further cousins of Babar Azam. His additional cousins are named:

Adil Kamil Rohan

Babar Azam’s three brothers and cousins are Adil, Kamil, and Rohan. Since they were little, they have shared a home.

Adil, Kamil, and Rohan, cousins of Babar Azam, are almost certainly the offspring of his late uncle Mohammad Akram.

The father of Babar Azam’s elder brother is Mohammad Akram.

The myth claims that Mohammad Akram is Babar Azam’s uncle and that his daughter will eventually wed Babar Azam. However, they are simply rumors; we won’t know for sure until later.

Faisal Azam Biography

All of the cousins of Babar Azam, Safeer Azam, Faisal Azam, and others are frequently spotted together. Faisal Azam claims that because this is how we were raised, they like living and having fun together. He claims that our parents taught us to put aside whatever misconceptions we may have and to always act as a cohesive unit.


What is the age of Faisal Azam?

Faisal Azam’s age, birthdate, horoscope, Lahore, Pakistan, birthplace, Pakistani nationality, and place of residence are all included below.

What is the Profession of Faisal Azam?

Faisal Azam is a professional YouTuber from Pakistan.

Who is Faisal Azam’s wife?

The name of Faisal Azam’s wife or spouse will be updated soon.

Who is Faisal Azam’s Parents?

Azam Siddique is Faisal Azam’s father, and we’ll update his mother’s name shortly.

Who is Faisal Azam’s siblings?

The names of Faisal Azam’s siblings will be updated soon.

What is Faisal Azam education?

Faisal Azam has a graduate degree.

What is the height and weight of Faisal Azam?

Faisal Azam is 75 KG in weight and has a height of 5 feet 7 inches.

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