Hareem Shah Biography

Born in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, on December 28, 1991, Hareem Shah is a well-known TikTok star and online celebrity in Pakistan. Find out about Hareem Shah’s age, spouse, net worth, height, weight, career, family, and more. Learn about Hareem Shah’s major successes and accomplishments.

Hareem Shah Biography

Date of Birth December 28, 1991
Age 29
Birth Place Bahawalpur, Pakistan
Death Monday, Oct 28, 1991
Residence Peshawar, Pakistan
Country Pakistan
Profession TikTok Star and Internet Celebrity
Education Masters of Philosophy in Competitive Religion from University of Peshawar, Pakistan
Father Syed Zarrar Hussain Shah
Mother (update soon)
Nationality Pakistani
Siblings (update soon)
Brother (update soon)
Religion Islam
Spouse Bilal Shah
Horoscope Capricorn
Weight 60 kg
Height 5 feet, 3 inches
Net Worth (update soon)
Category Tiktokers

Personal Profile About Hareem Shah

Pakistani social media star and internet sensation Hareem Shah. She was born on December 28, 1991, in Islamabad, Pakistan, and rose to celebrity thanks to her contentious contacts with politicians and TikTok videos. Hareem gained notoriety for being feisty and opinionated and frequently garnering media attention for her unconventional writing. She has dabbled in acting and modelling and has a sizable following on social media. Despite receiving both praise and condemnation for her acts, Hareem Shah’s climb to fame has made her a beloved figure among Pakistan’s youth.

Hareem Shah Biography

Hareem Shah is a well-known social media influencer and TikTok celebrity. Fizza Hussain is her birth name, although she prefers to go as Hareem Shah. On December 28, 1991, in Islamabad, Pakistan, Hareem Shah was born. She began her career on TikTok and occasionally found herself at the centre of spiralling controversy. She just made official her union with senior PPP Minister Bilal Shah.

She became well-known for her TikTok videos, where she gathered a sizable fan base. She had a reputation for publishing provocative and outspoken material that frequently drew admirers and detractors. Hareem Shah has become well-known for her dealings with politicians and for being embroiled in a number of controversies. She has also dabbled in other media, such as YouTube, where she posts vlogs and covers a range of subjects. Due to her online presence, Hareem Shah is now well-known among Pakistani social media users.

Early Life and Education

She said in a meeting that she is originally from Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), but that she is currently not based there and only occasionally travels back to her home area. She completed her Master’s degree and then obtained her MPhil, which she is currently pursuing. When asked what she most enjoys doing when she has the chance, Hareem responded that she loves travelling.

Political Affiliation

Politically, she is a supporter of Prime Minister Imran Khan, and as a result, countless images of Hareem Shah with Imran Khan, Jahangir Tareen, Fawad Chaudhry, and other PTI leaders are available on social networking websites.

Hareem Shah Biography

Regarding her affiliation with PTI, she declared, “I am a strong supporter of PTI myself and have hosted the gathering. This is how I had the incredible opportunity to meet and record on TikTok with PTI leaders. She travelled there largely to meet with Shah Mahmood Qureshi, the foreign minister. The medium-term success also appears in TikTok videos with Sandal Khattak, a friend. The two of them record in an unhurried, spontaneous style without prior planning.

Hareem is a big fan of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Shah Mahmood Qureshi, two striking government officials in Pakistan. She also wants to collaborate with them on a TikTok video. The love their young daughter has for creating TikTok videos is not popular with Hareem’s parents.

Hareem Shah Video Scandal

Several Hareem Shah videos, which she said were leaked by “close friends” Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz, started making the rounds on social media, sparking the most recent scandal surrounding the internet sensation. I personally recorded these films on my cell phone a few years ago, she said in response to her recently disclosed videos on social media. She added, “Her friends stole my phone and saved the videos, and they leaked the videos.

Hareem Shah Age

At the moment, Hareem Shah is 31 years old.

Hareem Shah Contact Number

The public cannot access Hareem Shah’s phone number.

Hareem Shah Twitter

Hareem Shah is active on Twitter through her official account: https://twitter.com/hareemshah_12

Hareem Shah Instagram

You can follow Hareem Shah on her official Instagram account: @hareem.shah_official_account

Hareem Shah TikTok

Hareem Shah started her internet journey through TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@hareemshah12

Hareem Shah Family

The family of Hareem Shah is not widely known. According to her villagers, Hareem Shah’s father worked as a forest security guard.

Hareem Shah Father

Shah, Hareem The name of the father is Syed Zarra Hussain Shah. After the TikTok celebrity was exposed in some scandalous circumstances, he made a heartfelt video apology on his daughter’s behalf.

Hareem Shah Marriage

Hareem Shah declared on June 28, 2021, that she has married a top Sindh-based Pakistan People’s Party minister.

Hareem Shah Husband Name

Hareem Shah claims that her husband is already married and that she will reveal his name after he has informed his first spouse. Hareem made the suggestion that her spouse, who is a top PPP party member and a minister, has a last name that ends in Shah.

Hareem Shah Wedding Pics

On this profile page, you can see Hareem Shah’s most recent wedding photos.

Hareem Shah Drama

Hareem Shah entered the Pakistani drama industry and made her television debut by appearing in the drama series Khwaab Nagar Ki Shehzadi.

Hareem Shah Biography

Hareem Shah Film

The short film Raaz, which was based on her life, also starred Hareem Shah. The movie was an Urdu Netflix original that was made available online for streaming.


What is the age of Hareem Shah?

Hareem Shah is 29 years old, was born on December 28, 1991, has a Capricorn horoscope, was born in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, is a Pakistani national, and currently resides in Peshawar, Pakistan.

What is the profession of Hareem Shah?

Internet celebrity and Pakistani TikTok star Hareem Shah works in these fields.

Who is Hareem Shah’s husband?

Bilal Shah is Hareem Shah’s husband or spouse.

Who are Hareem Shah’s parents?

Syed Zarrar Hussain Shah is Hareem Shah’s father, and we’ll update her mother’s name soon.

Who are Hareem Shah’s siblings?

The names of Hareem Shah’s siblings will be updated soon.

What is the net worth of Hareem Shah?

The net worth of Hareem Shah is (to be updated soon).

What is the education of Hareem Shah?

Hareem Shah graduated from the University of Peshawar in Pakistan with a Master of Philosophy in Competitive Religion.

What is the height and weight of Hareem Shah?

Hareem Shah is 60 kilogrammes and has a height of 5 feet 3 inches.

What is the meaning of the name Hareem Shah?

Shah Name: Shah and Hareem Name: Sanctuary, Sanctum, Walls of the House of Kabba, King.

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