Imaan Mazari

Imaan Mazari is a political figure, human rights activist, and lawyer from Pakistan. She is the online persona of the well-known Pakistani politician Shireen Mazari’s daughter, whose honesty and fearlessness are evident. Her thought-provoking posts frequently draw attention on social media, where she is a frequent and active presence.

Her legal career began when she was a student at the University of Edinburgh. Imaan Mazari, who is of Baloch ethnicity, is a member of the Mazari family and hails from South Punjab, Pakistan.

Imaan Zainab Hazir Mazari is her actual name, or birth name. Shireen Mazari, a well-known politician in Pakistan, is Imaan Mazari’s mother. Her familial history has shaped her political activism and interest in politics. You may find information on Imaan Mazari on Wikipedia here. Go over Imaan Mazari’s life story.

Date of Birth (I will update soon)
Age 30 years
Birth Place Islamabad, Pakistan
Residence Islamabad, Pakistan
Country Pakistan
Profession Lawyer, Human Rights Activist
Education LLB
Father Tabish Hazir
Mother Shireen Mazari
Nationality Pakistani
Siblings Sabeel Hazri
Brother Sabeel Hazri
Religion Islam
Spouse Abdul Hadi
Horoscope (I will update soon)
Weight 65 kg
Height 5 Feet 7 Inches
Net Worth $3 million
Category Miscellaneous

Born in Islamabad, Pakistan, Imaan Mazari is a well-known lawyer and human rights activist in Pakistan. Discover Imaan Mazari’s age, married status, height, weight, net worth, profession, family, images, biography, and more. Learn about Imaan Mazari’s major successes and accomplishments.

Imaan Mazari Husband

Abdul Hadi, a human rights attorney, is Imaan Mazari’s spouse. Abdul Hadi, the spouse of Imaan Mazari, founded and served as the executive director of Fair Trial Defenders, a nonprofit dedicated to providing legal assistance.

Imaan Mazari Wedding

Imaan Mazari

The media is covering Imaan Mazari’s wedding, which is the talk of the town. Abdul Hadi and Imaan Mazari got married on December 28, 2023. On social media, Imaan Mazari and Abdul Hadi’s marriage is revealed. She posts engagement photos of Imaan Mazari on social media.

Imaan Mazari Controversy

Imaan’s reputation as the daughter of a well-known politician hurt the Pakistani Army’s standing. She temporarily disabled her account in response to pressure from the Pakistan Army Public Relations Department, but the damage to the Army’s reputation had already been done.

Furthermore, it is said that Shireen is becoming less receptive to Imran Khan’s opposing opinions. She was purportedly kidnapped by the Pakistan Army on August 19, 2023, at Imaan Mazaari PTM jalsa, after she openly called them actual terrorists. The news of Imaan Mazari’s detention is making waves.

After her mother’s incarceration, Imaan Hazir Mazari ran into problems bringing up the name of Pakistani Army Chief General Bajwa. Even though her mother was freed that same day, Imaan Hazir Mazari was later the subject of a formal complaint by the Army. Even though she was granted bail, the matter is still pending.

Social media was ablaze in 2017 with contentious photos of Imaan Mazari. One picture of her with a companion at a nightclub was one of them. Her provocative outfit generated a great deal of debate and strong feelings. Her mother Shireen Mazari, though, disputed the veracity of those images.

Imaan Mazari Age

Imaan Mazari
Imaan Mazari

Imaan Mazari was born in 1994 in Islamabad, Pakistan. Imaan Mazari’s date of birth is not known. Imaan Mazari age is 30 years old.

Imaan Mazari Education

Imaan Mazari’s profession is shaped in part by her education. After earning her LLB in Pakistan, Imaan Mazari continued her legal education at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom.

Imaan Mazari Career

While attending the University of Edinburgh, Imaan Mazari started her legal career. She has demonstrated her dedication to human rights causes by pursuing legal advocacy. Imaan Mazari is involved in politics and is connected to political conversations and activities even if she is not a professional politician. Because of her vocal opinions on a range of topics and her strong social media presence, Imaan Mazari frequently makes news.

Imaan Mazari Family

Imaan Hazir Mazari is the daughter of Tabish Aitbar Hazir, a physician, and Shireen Mazari, a well-known member of the Tehreek-e-Insaf political party in Pakistan. Her brother is younger than her. Imaan resides in Islamabad with her family. Her father, Tabish Hazir, is a practicing physician, and Imaan Mazari’s mother is a well-known politician. Among her siblings, Imaan is the oldest; Sabeel Hazri is her younger brother.

FAQs About Imaan Mazari

What is the age of Imaan Mazari?

Imaan Mazari’s age is 30 years; her date of birth will be updated soon; her horoscope will be updated soon; her place of birth is Islamabad, Pakistan; her nationality is Pakistani; and her residence is Islamabad, Pakistan.

What is the profession of Imaan Mazari?

Imaan Mazari is a Pakistani Lawyer and Human Rights Activist by profession.

Who is Imaan Mazari’s husband?

Imaan Mazari’s wife or spouse’s name is Abdul Hadi

Who are Imaan Mazari’s parents?

Imaan Mazari’s father’s name is Tabish Hazir, and her mother’s name is Shireen Mazari

Who are Imaan Mazari’s siblings?

Imaan Mazari’s sibling’s name is Sabeel Hazri

What is the net worth of Imaan Mazari?

Imaan Mazari’s net worth is  $3 million

What is Imaan Mazari’s education?

Imaan Mazari’s education is an LLB.

What is the height of the Imaan Mazari?

Imaan Mazari’s height is 5 Feet 7.

What is the weight of Imaan Mazari?

Imaan Mazari’s weight is approximately 65.

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