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Nain Sukh was born on June 6, 2000, in Karachi, Pakistan. She is a well-known Pakistani actress, model, influencer, and Tiktoker. Find out about Nain Sukh’s age, spouse, net worth, height, weight, career, family, and more. Learn about Nain Sukh’s major accomplishments and achievements.

Date of Birth June 06, 2000
Age 23 Years
Birth Place Karachi, Pakistan
Residence Karachi, Pakistan
Country Pakistan
Profession Actress, Tiktoker, Influencer & Model
Education Graduated
Father (update soon)
Mother (update soon)
Nationality Pakistani
Siblings (update soon)
Brother (update soon)
Religion Islam
Spouse (update soon)
Horoscope Gemini
Weight 55 KG
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Net Worth (update soon)
Category Actors and Actresses


Who is Nain Sukh

Young Pakistani model, actress, and social media influencer Nain Sukh. She is renowned for her lovely appearance. Nain Sukh took part in numerous photo assignments for well-known Pakistani fashion labels. She enjoys posting pictures and videos to her social media pages. Let’s look at the actress Nain Sukh’s biography, including her age, educational background, family, romantic relationships, and other lesser-known details about her personal and professional lives.

Nain Sukh Biography
Nain Sukh Biography

2023’s “Mayi Ri” marked her first acting role in a drama, in which she played Aiman. Her wonderful acting and adorable appearance in this serial are appreciated by the drama watchers. Additionally, she appeared in the Danish Taimoor program “Game Show Aisay Chalega”.

Age & Height

The age and birthdate of Nain Sukh are not made public. She always prefers to keep details of her private life private.

Family & Hometown

She resides with her family in Karachi, which is where she was raised. Her two brothers are. There is no other information available regarding her mother, father, or extended family. Her family has always encouraged her to pursue a career in show business.

Career & Net Worth

In the drama Mayi ri in 2023, Nain Sukh made her acting debut as a support character. While Nain is collaborating with actors Aina Asif, Paras Masroor, and Samar Jafferi for the drama Mayi Ri, which is currently showing on ARY Digital. Initially, Nain Sukh gained notoriety for her TikTok videos and commitment to the Bol Network game show.

Nain Sukh Biography HassanInfoHub

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Nain Sukh Biography HassanInfoHub


What is the age of Nain Sukh?

Nain Sukh was born in Karachi, Pakistan, on June 6, 2000. She is 23 years old, has a Gemini horoscope, and is a Pakistani national. Pakistan’s Karachi.

What is the Profession of Nain Sukh?

Actress, Tiktoker, Influencer, and Model Nain Sukh is from Pakistan.

Who is Nain Sukh’s husband?

The name of Nain Sukh’s husband or spouse will be updated soon.

Who is Nain Sukh’s Parents?

The names of Nain Sukh’s mother and father will be updated shortly.

Who is Nain Sukh’s siblings?

Names of Nain Sukh’s siblings will be updated soon.

What is the net worth of Nain Sukh?

Net worth for Nain Sukh is (will update soon).

What is the education of Nain Sukh?

Nain Sukh has a graduate degree.

What is the height and weight of Nain Sukh?

Nain Sukh is 55 KG and 5 feet 6 inches tall.

What is the name meaning of Nain Sukh?

Nain’s meaning as a name is eye.

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