Namira Salim Biography

Namira Salim was born in Karachi, Pakistan, and is a well-known Pakistani polar explorer and future astronaut. Discover details about Namira Salim’s age, husband, net worth, height, weight, career, family, and more. Learn about Namira Salim’s major successes and accomplishments.

Namira Salim Biography

Date of Birth (update soon)
Age (update soon)
Birth Place Karachi, Pakistan
Residence Karachi, Pakistan
Country Pakistan
Profession Polar Adventurer, Future Astronaut
Education Graduated
Father (update soon)
Mother (update soon)
Nationality Pakistani
Siblings (update soon)
Brother (update soon)
Religion Islam
Spouse (update soon)
Horoscope (update soon)
Weight 70 KG
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Net Worth (update soon)
Category Miscellaneous


Who is Namira Salim

Namira Salim, a Pakistani Arctic explorer, prospective astronaut, and artist residing in Monaco and Dubai, was born in Karachi. Her efforts to develop diplomatic ties between Pakistan and Monaco led to her appointment as an honorary consul of Pakistan to Monaco in 2011, on the advice of the Pakistani government.

She was the first person from Pakistan to reach both the North and South Poles. Among the first 100 would-be space travelers to reserve a seat on Virgin Galactic’s upcoming commercial spaceship, Salim is the lone Pakistani.

Salim received the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz (Medal of Excellence) from Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari on March 23, 2011, in recognition of her sporting accomplishments, including her journeys to the poles and the Everest skydiving competition. For her efforts to advance world peace and unity, she received Pakistan Power 100’s Power 100 Trailblazer Award in London in September 2013 and was listed on their “Women Power 100” list.

Namira Salim Biography

Namira Salim is extremely unique and her status as the “First Pakistani Astronaut” may even surpass that of a princess. Her achievement is proof positive that dreams may come true and that nothing is impossibly difficult. She was born in Karachi in 1975 to a Pakistani family living in Southern France, and she has also spent a significant amount of time in Dubai.

In April 2007 and January 2008, Namira became the first person from Pakistan to reach both poles. During the historic “First Everest Skydives 2008,” she also bears the distinction of becoming the first Muslim and Pakistani to skydive over Mount Everest. As the lone Pakistani aboard Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, the first commercial spaceship, Namira is largely recognized as the nation’s first space traveler.

“It is a great honor to represent my country as the first Pakistani citizen at the Geographic North Pole during the “International Polar Year” that marks the challenge of climate change our planet faces,” she said after her successful voyage to the North Pole. In addition, she declared that by raising the Pakistani flag at the top of the world, she was sending out a message of peace to all people and making it clear to the rest of the world that Pakistanis value peace and tolerance.

When Namira chose to take flying lessons while pursuing her master’s degree in international affairs at Columbia University in New York, her passion for flight and space travel initially surfaced. After receiving her degree, she started the Pakistani chapter of AIESEC, a global organization of students that provides possibilities for employment and study abroad.

Richard Branson picked her out of 44,000 applicants to be one of the first 100 space travelers to take advantage of Virgin Galactic’s flights. Consequently, she became the first Pakistani, much alone Pakistani woman, to travel to space. She completed her two-hour space flight in 2009–2010 after completing her whole astronaut training in America.

It was a sub-orbital trip that erased the line separating the planet from outer space. She shared the honor and excitement of spending 15 minutes in space with other people. She was given the “Commercial Astronaut Wing” award by the US Federal Aviation Authority as a result. She finished her last term of training in a TS-400 Simulator, where she was exposed to various space travel stresses, including weightlessness.

Under the direction of Virgin Galactic, Namira completed her training and prepared for her suborbital Spaceflight at the NASTAR Centre in the United States in October 2007. She gave former president Pervez Musharraf her Sub-Orbital Spaceflight Training Certificate in February 2008.

Namira Salim has received recognition for her dedication to advancing peace and goodwill through all of her art exhibitions and polar trips. Namira was awarded the highest civil honor in Pakistan, the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz (Medal of Excellence), on March 23, 2011.

Namira Salim Biography

Namira has lived most of her life in Dubai, where her family has been headquartered since 1981, although she has been a distinguished resident of the Principality of Monaco since 1997. The diplomatic accreditation between Pakistan and Monaco was made possible through Namira Salim’s efforts in February 2009. Namira Salim has been permitted to carry out her duties as the First Honorary Consul of Pakistan to the Principality of Monaco by His Highness Prince Albert II’s Sovereign Ordinance dated 1st August 2011.

In a high-profile ceremony held in March 2012 at the famous Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, His Highness Prince Albert II, the Sovereign Prince of Monaco, opened the First Consulate of Pakistan. Namira Salim planned the event. The foreign press frequently writes about Namira Salim’s activities.

In Pakistan, South Asia, and even the entire world, Namira Salim serves as an inspiration for females. Her tenacity and willpower allowed her to send the Pakistani flag and her devotion into space. She has established a standard for women everywhere, not just in Pakistan, for those who wish to pursue their aspirations and the idea that success will follow suit.

In one of her interviews, Namira Salim, who also serves as Pakistan’s honorary tourism ambassador, said, “As Pakistan’s Honorary Ambassador of Tourism, I’d like to invite the world to experience Pakistan’s rich culture and to touch the world’s top-most mountain peaks, like the K-2.

Namira Salim Biography


What is the age of Namira Salim?

Namira Salim’s age, birthdate, horoscope, place of birth (Karachi, Pakistan), nationality, and place of residence are all included below. Pakistan’s Karachi.

What is the Profession of Namira Salim?

Namira Salim is a Pakistani polar explorer and aspiring astronaut.

Who is Namira Salim’s husband?

The name of Namira Salim’s husband or spouse will be updated soon.

Who is Namira Salim’s Parents?

The father and mother’s names of Namira Salim will shortly be updated.

Who is Namira Salim’s siblings?

The names of Namira Salim’s siblings will be updated soon.

What is the net worth of Namira Salim?

Net worth for Namira Salim is (to update soon).

What is the education of Namira Salim?

Namira Salim has a graduate degree.

What is the height and weight of Namira Salim?

Namira Salim is 70 KG and 5 feet 7 inches tall.

What is the name meaning of Namira Salim?

Salim’s name means tranquility, and Namira’s name means tidy woman.

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