Nazia Ejaz Khan

Lahore, Pakistan is the birthplace of renowned Pakistani singer and actress Nazia Ejaz Khan. Discover Nazia Ejaz Khan’s age, marital status, height, weight, net worth, profession, family, images, biography, and more. Find out about all of Nazia Ejaz Khan’s major successes and achievements.

Date of Birth (I will update soon)
Age (I will update soon)
Birth Place Lahore, Pakistan
Residence Lahore, Pakistan
Country Pakistan
Profession Singer, Actress
Education Graduated
Father Ejaz Durrani
Mother Noor Jehan
Nationality Pakistani
Siblings (I will update soon)
Brother (I will update soon)
Religion Islam
Spouse (I will update soon)
Horoscope (I will update soon)
Weight 65 KG
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Net Worth (I will update soon)
Category Singers

Personal Profile About Nazia Ejaz Khan

Nazia Ejaz Khan
Nazia Ejaz Khan

Artist Nazia Ejaz is an Australian who is Pakistani. She is the daughter of Pakistani singer Noor Jehan and Ejaz Durrani. She spent fourteen years living in Australia before relocating to Karachi. Her mother is Noor Jehan. In 1996, she graduated from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) with a Graduate Diploma in Indian Art and its History. She graduated with two master’s degrees in fine art from the University of South Australia and the Slade School of Fine Art.

Nazia Ejaz, the youngest daughter of the late singer Noor Jehan, honored her mother on her birthday by posting a tribute on her official Instagram account. Well-known artist Nazia Ejaz has effectively carved out a place for herself in both the domestic and global art markets. But thanks to her persistent efforts, she has become well known for her outstanding artwork. Nazia Ejaz, the daughter of Noor Jehan, recently posted a picture of herself honoring her mother on her birthday on Instagram. On September 21, 1926, Noor Jehan—also referred to as Malika e Tarannum, or the Queen of Melody—was born.

The Queen’s daughter

Nazia Ejaz Khan

“The Queen”, 48 x 40 inches, oil and gold leaf on canvas. Today is my mother’s birthday. With this image, I honor the person who, by virtue of their presence, brought about the current state of affairs in the world on this particular day. Her zeal called for the bravery and discipline of our officers, and her style made her a pioneer. Her voice has lifted our spirits, and her character has inspired us to achieve higher standards for ourselves. Many thanks for your help. Nazia Ejaz uploaded a different photo of herself with the late legend three weeks ago, recalling her birthday from when her parents were still living.


Nazia Ejaz continues to create better-than-ever art in her honor while reflecting on the priceless moments she has shared on Instagram. She creatively creates and advances a variety of plans that she uses to decorate her feed. Here are a few pieces of art she created and shared out of reverence for the legend.The artist is still having fun reimagining her mother’s brilliance on canvas, even though it was reportedly posted seven days ago and is still being worked on. In contrast, this song features a set of tones that highlight the singer’s features in her signature saree and evergreen face, highlighting the nuances of her eye makeup and her singing style.

What is the age of Nazia Ejaz Khan?

Nazia Ejaz Khan’s age, nationality, place of birth (Lahore, Pakistan), date of birth, horoscope (to be updated soon), and place of residence (Lahore, Pakistan) are all provided

What is the Profession of Nazia Ejaz Khan?

Nazia Ejaz Khan is a singer and actress from Pakistan

Who is Nazia Ejaz Khan’s husband?

.The name of Nazia Ejaz Khan’s spouse or husband is (will update soon).

Who is Nazia Ejaz Khan’s Parents?

Ejaz Durrani is Nazia Ejaz Khan’s father, while Noor Jehan is her mother.

Who is Nazia Ejaz Khan’s siblings?

The name of Nazia Ejaz Khan’s sister is (will update shortly).

What is the net worth of Nazia Ejaz Khan?

The net worth of Nazia Ejaz Khan is (to be updated soon).

What is Nazia Ejaz Khan’s education?

Nazia Ejaz Khan holds a degree in education.

What is the height of Nazia Ejaz Khan?

The height of Nazia Ejaz Khan is 5 feet 7 inches.

What is the weight of Nazia Ejaz Khan?

65 kg was Nazia Ejaz Khan’s weight.

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