Shella Badannya biographyShella Badannya biography

Bio of Shella Badannya A volleyball player named Shella Badannya was born soon. She plays middle blocker and is 197 cm (6 ft 8 in) tall and 88 kg (188 lb) in weight.

Shella Badannya Biography

Date of Birth —-
Birth Place Kartal, Istanbul, Turkey
Residence Turkey
Country Turkey
Profession Volleyball Player
Education Graduated
Nationality Turkey
Siblings —-
Brother —-
Spouse —-
Weight 76 KG
Height 6 ft 7 in
Net Worth 8 Million
Category Player


Shella Badannya Biyografi

In the Kartal neighborhood of Istanbul, Shella Badannya was born. She competes for Vakifbank Istanbul in women’s volleyball in Turkey. Turkish volleyball player Zehra Gunes is a woman. She is the defensive center. At the 2014 3rd European Youth Summer Olympic Festival in Georgia, Zehra Gunes participated.

Shella Badannya biography

A forthcoming update claims that Shella Badannya was born in the Istanbul neighborhood of Kartal. She competes for Vakifbank Istanbul and plays volleyball for Turkey. Turkish volleyball player Zehra Gunes takes part in the sport. She is the center blocker at the moment. In Georgia, Zehra Gunes participated in the 2014 European Youth Summer Olympic Festival.

Shella Badannya biography

Handsome players in sports are a constant cause of worry. They include Shella Bernadetha as well.

Who is Shella Badannya

A professional women’s volleyball player for the Bank BJB team, a BUMD bank owned by West Java and Banten and based in Bandung, this attractive woman was born in Bandung, West Java.

Before joining Bank BJB, he was a member of the Jakarta BNI 46 team. He had performed employment at Jakarta Electric PLN. Even in 2017, he was successful in leading Jakarta Electric PLN to Proliga triumph.

In addition to his volleyball career, it appears that he has a sizable fanbase as a TikToker.

Like the rest of TikTokers, he likes to publish dance videos on the platform, either alone himself or with friends. There is also lip-syncing material.

Shella Badannya biography

Shella Badannya six-pack

With such a vast number of followers and viewers, it’s no surprise that various persons or businesses are frequently associated with market items.

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