Laraib Khalid Biography

Laraib Khalid Biography: Famous Pakistani TikToker and YouTuber Laraib Khalid was born in Gujrat, Pakistan, on May 25, 1994. Discover details about Laraib Khalid’s age, spouse, height, weight, career, family, pictures, biography, and more. Learn about Laraib Khalid’s major successes and accomplishments.

Laraib Khalid Biography

Laraib Khalid Biography

Date of Birth May 25, 1994
Age 30 Years
Residence Gujrat, Pakistan
Birth Place Karachi, Pakistan
Country Pakistan
Profession TikToker and YouTuber
Education BS Engineering
Father —–
Mother —–
Nationality Pakistani
Siblings —–
Brother —–
Religion Islam
Spouse Zarnab Fatima
Horoscope Gemini
Weight 67 KG
Height 5 feet, 8 Inches
Net Worth —–
Category Tiktokers

Laraib Khalid Wedding

Many celebrities and TikTokers attended the dreamy and amazing wedding of Laraib Khalid. Following a deeper period of getting to know one another, Laraib Khalid and Zarnab Fatima decided to advance their relationship. As evidence of their commitment, they have been spotted together on a number of public occasions. They have also shared videos of their dates on YouTube and TikTok, giving fans a peek at what their dates are like.

Laraib Khalid Biography


Laraib Khalid Wife

Zarnab Fatima is a fellow TikToker and the wife of Laraib Khalid. The spouse of Laraib Khalid works as a doctor and is well-known on social media. She participates in the Game Show and is a TikTok star. There were a lot of friends and coworkers who came to celebrate the wonderful ceremony held for Laraib Khalid and Zarnab Fatima.

Laraib Khalid Biography

FAQs About Laraib Khalid

What is the age of Laraib Khalid?

Laraib Khalid’s age is 30 years; his date of birth is May 25, 1994; his horoscope is Gemini; his place of birth is Gujrat, Pakistan; his nationality is Pakistani; and his residence is Karachi, Pakistan.

What is the profession of Laraib Khalid?

Laraib Khalid is a Pakistani TikToker and YouTuber by profession.

Who is Laraib Khalid’s wife?

Laraib Khalid’s wife or spouse’s name is Zarnab Fatima.

Who are Laraib Khalid’s parents?

Laraib Khalid’s father name is (—–), and his mother name is (—–).

Who are Laraib Khalid’s siblings?

Laraib Khalid’s siblings names are (—–).

What is the net worth of Laraib Khalid?

Laraib Khalid’s net worth is (—–).

What is Laraib Khalid’s education?

Laraib Khalid’s education is BS Engineering.

What is the height of Laraib Khalid?

Laraib Khalid’s height is 5 feet, 8 inches.

What is the weight of Laraib Khalid?

Laraib Khalid weighs 67 kg.


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